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Mission Statement

The goal of Karate Training is not just the cultivation and delivery of power. Anyone can develop physical strength.


Learning how to channel and control the power and use it effectively, efficiently and with good judgment is the true art of karate.

The Masters

Grand Master CHOSIN CHIBANA, Hanshi, 10th Dan (1885-1969) was the originator of Okinawan shorin-ryu, loosely translated as "small forest style" or "pine forest style."  He was also the first President of the original   Okinawa Shorin-ryu Karate-do  Association.  Born in Shuri City, Okinawa, he began training in 1900 at the age of 15 with Yasutsune "Anko" Itosu.  Itosu is considered to be the Father of Okinawan Karate and is the first person  responsible for   publicly teaching the art.  Among Chibana's many awards was the Kunyonto (4th) Order of the  Sacred Treasure presented by the Emperor  of Japan, Hirohito, for his devotion to the study and practice of  Okinawan  karate-do.  He taught   almost until the time he died of cancer at the advanced age of 83.  The most senior student of Grand Master Chibana is  Katsuya  Miyahira.

Grand Master KATSUYA MIYAHIRA, Hanshi, 10th Dan (the highest rank and, until 2001 the only 10th Dan in  the world in Shido-kan Shorin-ryu), started his training at  age 15 under Chibana Hanshi.  Miyahira Hanshi is the President of the Okinawa Shorin-ryu Karate-do Association.  He resides and teaches in Naha City, Okinawa, where he has about 200 students of first Dan rank or above, and has branch dojos in many locations around the world.  Among his major contributions has been the introduction of obligatory analytical exercises (bunkai) for each of the kata, and the deepening of the philosophical study of Karate-do.  Sensei Miyahira passed away in November 2010.

As with all other Shido-kan Shorin-ryu dojos in the Western Hemisphere,  Shido-kan Karate of Mahwah is under the direction of world-renowned Head Master SEIKICHI IHA, Hanshi, 10th Dan.  He is Miyahira Hanshi's most   senior student, and is the director of both the United States Shorin-ryu Karate-Do Association and the North American Beikoku Shido-kan Association.  Iha is the highest ranking Okinawan master residing in the U.S.

Born and raised in Okinawa, Iha  Hanshi began karate training under his uncle but in 1950 he was accepted as a formal student of Shinpan Gusukuma who had been a student of the famous Anko Itosu.  For four years he trained with   Gusukuma who was a well respected  authority of Shuri-te.  After Gusukuma's death in 1954, Iha was   introduced to Katsuya Miyahira, and was accepted as a student shortly thereafter.  After teaching in Okinawa and the Philippines for several years, Iha relocated in 1967 to Los Angeles, California where he taught until 1975.  He moved in 1975 to Lansing, Michigan where he has     resided and taught ever since. 

Iha Hanshi focuses on spreading and cultivating the knowledge of Shido-kan Shorin-ryu as the ultimate art of self-defense, throughout the United States and the world.  A primary goal is to harmoniously work with all styles of Okinawan karate to provide the general public with a solid understanding and appreciation of this important cultural art.

He was promoted to 10th Dan by his teacher, Grand Master Katsuya Miyahira on March 25, 2001.  His rank is certified by the Okinawa Shorin-ryu Karate-do Association. 

Sensei Mitch Cooperman has been privileged to receive instruction from Miyahira Hanshi  and from Iha Hanchi in Lansing, Michigan and in New Jersey during many special seminars.

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